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Eruk Adaptable Lamp

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Product Details

Designed to look stunning as a table lamp or a pendant light, this little floweret is intricately woven with banana fibre on a frame made from cane. Perfect every time you need warmth and that cozy feeling of being home.

The magic of this pendant light lies in the hands of two communities of artisans, both based in Tamil Nadu; a group of women artisans who always finds new ways to weave banana fibre and our cane craftsmen, that loves to take on newer design challenges.

The word ‘Eruk’ comes from the Tamil word, ‘Yerukku’, which refers to the Indian counterpart of giant milkweed plant. Eruk takes it name and form from the crown shaped bud of this wild flower. Part of our design journey through native flowers of the Indian landscape curated by Anas Rashad and designed by Stanu Stalin.


Cane | Banana Fibre


Length - 26 cm

Width - 33 cm

Height - 44 cm

What’s in the pack

1m Wire with Holder

Ceiling Plate (Metal)

Bulb Preference

Warm LED Filament Bulb (4W-8W)


This handcrafted pendant light is designed for interior use only. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or harsh rays, rain or moisture can be harmful to the fibre. For cleaning, we suggest using a duster or vacuum cleaner.


This pendant light is crafted by hand, where each piece is woven by a different artisan. As a result, the product you receive will have slight variations in its size, weave, texture and form from the image provided.


Stanu Stalin


A post-graduate in design, Stanu works with utilitarian design, research, innovation, and development.

Anas Rashad

Curator | Designer

The Founder and Creative Director of Earth Heart, the Bangalore based illustrator and graphic designer is known for his multidisciplinary approach to design. As an ever-evolving designer, he is currently working with product, interior and architectural design.

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