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Mullamottu (Medium)

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Dangling in threes and slowly transforming into a jasmine as night seeps in, are three little buds of jasmine, and in them, the amber glow of a spring long gone. Handwoven with ethically sourced banana bark ropes, these half bloomed jasmine buds leave you enchanted like the jasmine does, shining on in the dark.

A Mullamottu pendant light are perfect glowing alone and in pairs of twos and threes. Pair it up with warm LED filament bulbs for the most idyllic experience.


Banana Fibre Rope | Metal Frame


28 x 16 cm


The handwoven pendant light, woven with banana bark fibre ropes upon a metal frame, is designed for interior use. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or harsh rays, rain and moisture can be harmful to the fibre. We, therefore, suggest using a duster or vacuum cleaner for cleaning.


The beauty of handmade artefacts is in its inability to create a copy. Therefore, the product you receive will have slight variations in its shape and weave from the image provided.


Stanu Stalin


A post-graduate in design, Stanu works with utilitarian design, research, innovation, and development.

Anas Rashad

Curator | Designer

The Founder and Creative Director of Earth Heart, the Bangalore based illustrator and graphic designer is known for his multidisciplinary approach to design. As an ever-evolving designer, he is currently working with product, interior and architectural design.

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