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those thouscent skies

‘Those Thouscent Skies’ is a recollection of everyday journeys, passing faces, cultures and the countless island universes outside of our own; of brushing past a hundred strangers, to celebrate, rave, rejoice and then, find peace amidst a sea of people.

‘Thouscent’ arouses a sense of endlessness, of loosing count, or being uncountable to the point of saturation and somewhere, with a quiet yearning.

This collection is a prologue to our collective longing for meeting, traversing, gathering with people, as a race. Featuring hand-thrown terracotta pendant lamps illustrated by Bangalore based artist, Swetha K P, this edit carries portraits of people the artist has met through time and in different places; re-imagining the glimpses of faces that once caught her eye in her everyday journeys and interactions. These terracotta pendant lamps are handcrafted by pottery artisans native to Karnataka.

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