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Mandharam (Large)

Mandharam (Large)


Enveloped by five petals with a few strands of yellow rising out of its heart, Mandaram or the yellow bauhinia peeps through thick strips of deep green, several at once, gleaming like amber yellow spring moons in one green sky. Handwoven with ethically sourced banana bark ropes, these pendant lights are a source of grace, creating a sense of awe and then a soothing calm.


A Mandaram pendant light is accompanied by a junction case handmade with coconut shell, three 1-2 metre long cables and three holders. Pair it up with amber yellow LED bulbs, for the ideal experience. 

  • SIZE

    33 x 46 CM


    Banana Fibre Rope | Metal Frame

  • CARE

    The handcrafted pendant light woven with banana bark fibre ropes on a metal frame is designed for interior use. Harsh rays and/ prolonged exposure to sunlight, rain and moisture can be harmful to the fibre. We, therefore, suggest using a duster or vacuum cleaner for cleaning.


    The beauty of handmade artefacts is in its inability to create a copy. Therefore, the product you receive will have slight variations in its shape and weave from the image provided.

  • *Free shipping on orders above 5000


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