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"Earth to Heart
  Heart to Earth

  the cycle goes on..."

Earth Heart is the celebration of the bond that the human race share with the earth, reinforced and reinterpreted in contemporary design aesthetics. Inspired from the human hands that create, Earth Heart brings together artists, artisans and designers from myriad cultures, traditions and influences across the country, to create unique living experiences through a range of lifestyle products.

Curated by a contemporary artist, each collection draws from shapes, textures and colours from the nature that surrounds us, and comes alive through continuous improvisations and interpretations of the collaborating craftsmen. Every product is, therefore, unique and singular, much like the hands that create it.

Earth Heart innovates upon the unparalleled mastery of handicraft communities spread across India, blending their skill with contemporary design and art. The very essence of Earth Heart dwells in building a space that values craftsmanship, crossing boundaries that divide people,  and in the process, revive the craft and empower the community.

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