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EARTH HEART LLP values the trust in you, our users, have reserved in us, and are committed to providing you with the highest standards of security to protect your personal information as you use our services via our website, Our Privacy Policy details the use of the information we collect from you as you use our website,


We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy before you use our Website or submitting personal information to us. As this policy is subject to change and modification from time to time, we suggest you refer to the policies specified in our Privacy Policy before you visit, browse, register or buy from The policies mentioned here are only for If in case, at any time of use, you are redirected to any other website, please go through the Privacy Policies of the respective website for better understanding.





We collect information from you depending on your interaction with our website. 

We may collect, track, process and retain your personal information as you visit our website. When you visit or browse our website our server automatically collects your computers IP (Internet Protocol) address to provide us information learn about your network and operating system. We also keep track of your browsing patterns and interests to provide you with a customised experience tailored to provide you with the ideal shopping experience. 


In the event you choose to provide your personal information such as your name, address, email id, phone number, or any other information, we retain this the information to follow up with you and extend our services for seamless customer experience. 


In order to make a purchase with EARTH HEART, it is mandatory for you to provide your name, email id, and the respective mailing address, which helps us to process, dispatch and deliver your order the best way possible. It also helps you, even as a guest user, to track your order, avail cancellation, return and/ exchange after making the purchase. 


Once you register with EARTH HEART, we automatically receive information on our server longs regarding your the page you requested, cookie information and your IP address. 





We use the information you provide us to:


  1. Customise your browsing experience, providing options tailored for your interest and to make our online store user-friendly.

  2. To help you track your order, to streamline the processing and delivery of your order, to help you personalise the order for your needs

  3. Improve the quality of our services and content, to avoid data duplication, to monitor and evaluate page response rate, to track campaigns and products and for marketing analysis. 

  4. To send you promotional newsletters providing information about products you are likely to be interested in, which is subject your prior consent to such emails. 

  5. To obtain third-party services, for website management, email delivery, auditing, information technology and related provision among others.





For us to process, use and retain the personal information provided by your provide you services we offer, we require your consent explicitly stating that you understand and accept the terms and conditions, including the policies we adhere to and the practices we have adopted to use your personal information and is usually signalled by clicking on a ‘checkbox’.

We require your consent before, collecting, using, processing your personal information, including sensitive personal information, or before sharing your information with third parties (if any) and / using cookies. 


You reserve the right to modify, review, correct, or suppress and / object to the use of your Personal Information by us. Please contact us via in case you wish to make changes to regarding access of or corrections related to your Personal Information. 




EARTH HEART does not share, rent, sell or trade your personal information with any third party services for their promotional purposes. We hereby assure you that we only share your information with third-party service providers only under our behalf as requested and instructed by us. 



We may disclose your personal information to cooperate with law and order enforcement agencies or government officials, to comply with legal proceedings. We shall also be forced to share your personal information if you violate our Terms and Conditions. 





The information we collect from you canoe accessed only by our officials, business partners, vendors and third parties who are entitled to keep your information secure and safe. However, users are entitled to protect their user id and password or any authentication that verifies their password or provide access to the accounts. Only authored user have access to a safe and secure password-protected use of this website. Any breach or unauthorised access to protected accounts shall face legal prosecutions. 




When you use our Services via our website and especially after you complete your registration with our website, we may place cookies on your computer to help us identify you quickly as you return to the website. We do not employ cookies to track your click stream on your general internet browsing but we shall use them to assess your browsing behaviour, interest, preferred pages on our website. 

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